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2015 High School Facilities Community Meetings


During the Board of Education discussions about a potential facilities bond in 2014, several community members asked that the district explore the option of creating one comprehensive high school, rather than maintaining two. The Board agreed to delay creating a plan for spending the bond money on Alameda High and Encinal High until after community meetings were held to discuss this idea. The Board approved a timeline for the meetings in October 2014.

The schedule for the meetings is:
Date Location Topics Supporting materials

January 29, 2015

7 pm

Wood Middle The schedule for the meetings is:

Introduction to issue


Questions to be answered

Agenda 1.29.15 (PDF)

Video 1.29.15

February 5, 2015

7 pm

Encinal High School

Presentation of answers from meeting #1

Preliminary identification of direction for the district to take

Agenda 2.5.15 (PDF)

Video 2.5.15

February 17, 2015

6:30 pm

Alameda High School

Board study session

Agenda 2.17.15 (PDF)

Video 2.17.15

February 24, 2015

6:30 pm

City Hall

Staff recommendation on one versus two high schools

Agenda 2.24.15 (PDF)

Video 2.14.15


Supporting Documents and Presentations

Fact Sheets and Q&As

  • Fact sheet (PDF) about EHS and AHS size and enrollment, expenses for renovating two schools versus building one new school, etc. (presented at January 29 and February 5 meetings)
  • Pros and cons of both options (PDF) (as listed by community members at January 29 meeting)
  • Questions (PDF) asked at January 29 meeting and then answered by staff
  • Comments (PDF) on one versus two high schools (as listed by community members at February 5 meeting)
  • Questions (PDF) asked at February 5 meeting and then answered by staff

Discussions of One Versus Two High Schools at Board of Education Meetings

*(includes presentation on how the high schools could be renovated)

2014 Facilities Master Plan